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WOODEN STRUCTURE is assembled from oak tree hardwood dowels made from sustainably harvested FSC-certified lumber.

BALLAST WEIGHT is a powder-coated steel cylinder with a diameter of 8 cm and a width of 4 cm. It weighs 3.1 kilograms.

KNOBS & POSITIONING WASHERS are made out of nylon6 plastics.

CABLE is a black cotton-covered twisted electric cable 2x18 AWG - SVT Wire, 300 Volt max, with a diameter: of 6.2mm for 18/2.

LED STRIP is Samsung Supreme Series IP20, 30 LED/m, 10W, CCT 2700K, CRI 90+, 120º beam angle.

SWITCH is Creative Switch inline single-pole foot switch. Nominal tension is 250V, resistive load 2A and lamp load 1A.

POWER SUPPLY is switched-mode and universal, made by Minwa Electronics. The maximum output current is 0.6A. It has dimensions 68.4x38.7x68.4mm. It has anti-overload OPP, anti-overvoltage OVP, and short circuit protection SCP. The adjustable output voltage is positioned at 12V. It’s 23mm high and has diameter 65 mm.

ADD-ONS 1 are cut out and folded from 700g color paper sheets. The flaps are fastened with ABS plastic snap buttons.

ADD-ONS 2 are a black tri-ply cardboard add-ons fastened by magnetic tapes.

ADD-ONS 3 are cut out from 6mm natural felt and fastened around wooden dowels by cotton ribbons.

ADD-ONS 4 are folded out of mylar and fastened with cotton ribbons.


please contact us at info@walkingstick-furniture.com for inquiries about current status of production/orders.

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